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 The Love Finders Band

We can't wait to inject our joy into your event!
Click Here To Buy Our CdsThe Love Finders Band is a cover band based in Perth, Western Australia. 

The Love Finders Quartet features electric violin, guitar, bass and drums. The band's deep love for storytelling through their music brings together a show featuring the immediately identifiable electric violin and guitar sound, and the band’s own unique musical style. Classics from gentle acoustic renditions, to lively house rockers and searing blues… and always some surprises!

Fronted by both Michael King on guitar and Rupert Guenther on electric violin, with Segolene King on keyboards, Campbell Carew on drums and Nathan King on bass, The Love Finders Band play easy going traditional blues, classic country, classic rock, instrumentals, and swing jazz classics.

The band brings their great love of making music together and a deep friendship between the players, where the music is all about weaving the feeling and the story-telling. Coupling Rupert's experience of decades working as sideman to the stars (Sir George Martin, Olivia-Newton John, Demis Roussos, John Farnham etc) with Michael’s heart-felt guitar and vocals, Segolene's tinkering of the keys and vocal magic, Campbell's joyous drums and Nathan's salt-of-the-earth bass playing and vocals (and his ubiquitous white hat!), this is music to uplift and enlighten, not just entertain.

We perhaps have somewhat of a different attitude and motivation than many other bands these days, in that it's not all about our egos, rather it's about providing entertaiment and bringing joy to the audience. We prefer venues where the focus is mostly about facilitating a fun entertaining experience, or a fine dining and show expereince for their patrons, rather than simply consuming huge amounts of alcohol. We are all non drinkers, non smokers, and non recreational drug users. Our behavior is professional and courteous in all moments. We'd love to come and play at your Wedding, Party, Event or Private function. We love our music and we love sharing our love of music with others. Some might call that soul.

The Love Finders Band came to life in 2015, drawing from the members' shared love of a wide range of popular and classic music. The band was born of a nostalgic fondness for the old days when you could go and enjoy a great show with good friends and family, to see a band that was all about just sharing a really fun time. With over 100 years of collective involvement in live music, the band has an eclectic repertoire that ranges from the swing standards of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, classic rock from the likes of Buddy Holly and Frankie Valli, to Bryan Adams and Pink Floyd, blues from the likes of Gary Moore, Elmore James, Link Wray, BB King, ZZ Top and Eric Clapton, and country ranging from Kenny Rogers, Steve Earle and The Highwaymen to Keith Urban, Willie Nelson and The Dixie Chicks….. and everything in between.

The Love Finders Band
The Band performs occasionally as a 2-piece or 3-Piece, but usually as a Quartet, or 5 piece Band.
 By combining our state of the art compact Bose PA system and an electronic drum kit we are able to deliver great sound at relatively low volumes, or we can also easily deliver a great show to 1500 people or more. We also provide our own dynamic light show. Although we are not a loud band we are also not a 'poked in the corner background band'. We like to put on a show and we enjoy engaging with the audience, we like to black the stage area, we usually use a dynamic light show, and we have someone mixing out in the audience area (who takes up very little space). We are a proper band, with production, and we put on a proper show just like most bands did back in the 80's and 90's.
The Love Finders PA and stage
We'd love to hear from you. So please, fill out the contact information if you have any questions
We can't wait to inject our joy into your event!

The Love Finders Band Testimonials

The music was awesome! I loved singing to all the songs I knew. The lead singer Michael was great, he made me laugh.
Jewel - aged 11

"The music they played was really cool, they played music that kids would know and we could sing and dance along to the songs."
Cara - aged 13

"The Love Finders were super tight and had a killer sound! They seem to have a pretty broad set list and great classics everyone can enjoy and get groovy to!"
Camille - 17 years old

"I never thought I could enjoy popular music, but the Love Finders has proven that wrong. The way the Love Finders play the music brings me more joy and depth of feeling than I could have imagined or previously experienced through music, regardless of genre."
Faith - 27 year old Classical Pianist and Media Advisor

"The Love Finders bring so much joy and heart to their music. If you ever have the opportunity (and good fortune) to see them live, do it! It's unlike anything I've experienced. They bring such a strong spirit of connection and community that is really touching and inspiring. It sneaks up on you in the loveliest way! You walk away feeling so lucky to have been able to bask in their love of life and music. I highly recommend experiencing it for yourself!"
Charlie Cousins - 39 year old professional Actor

"Experiencing the Love Finders is like going to an event with your favourite people and having an amazing, joy-filled time."
Nathan - 40 year old CEO

"Amazing opportunity to watch an eclectic group of people create music that touchs the heart."
Jenna - 56 year old Doctor

"The Love Finders band is uplifting and can be funny, light-hearted, deeply serious and moving... through them I fall in love with new sounds and styles, which is great."
Lynette - 75 year old Yoga Teacher                           

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