Testimonials from fans of The Love Finders Band

The Love Finders Quartet

"Full of surprises this band, indeed they find the love and get my heart dancing! A transcending experience sometimes bringing tears and often laughter."
 Marguerite - 48 year old Nurse

"Amazing opportunity to watch an eclectic group of people create music that touchs the heart."
Jenna - 56 year old Doctor

"The Love Finders were super tight and had a killer sound! They seem to have a pretty broad set list and great classics everyone can enjoy and get groovy to!"
Camille - 17 years old

"The Love Finders music inspires me to come together with dear friends and fully enjoy the uplifting music and the company."
Lorraine - 70 year old Life Coach

"Once you've experienced a Love Finders gig, you'll begin to understand just how the magic of this heart-based and uplifting music can transform and heal on so many levels. Playing current hits and retro classics, there's something for every generation to dance and sing along to."
Jacqui - 54 year old Student (Holistic Counselling)

"Thoroughly enjoyed listening to the Love Finders band. A heartfelt trip down memory land, listening to some of my favourite songs."
Debbie - 59 year old Financial Counsellor

"Experiencing the Love Finders is like going to an event with your favourite people and having an amazing, joy-filled time."
Nathan - 40 year old CEO

"The music they played was really cool, they played music that kids would know and we could sing and dance along to the songs."
Cara - 13 years old

"The Love Finders band is uplifting and can be funny, light-hearted, deeply serious and moving... through them I fall in love with new sounds and styles, which is great."
Lynette - 75 year old Yoga Teacher

The music was awesome! I loved singing to all the songs I knew. The lead singer Michael was great, he made me laugh.
Jewel - aged 11

"Growing up I have listenend to and have a deep love for these timeless classics and the Love Finders band just add another layer to them. Very moving and heart opening. Every chance I get, I enjoy every second of them."
Debbie - 31 year old Naturopath

"Experiencing the Love Finders is like experiencing a piece of oneself. A very unique band with a depth of sound you won't experience anywhere else. I see them on every opportunit I can, I just love them."
Sophia - 49 year old Proprietor of The Source Hairdressing

"One of the many things I love about the Love Finders is their incredible and unique ability to take me on a journey with their music where I experience many different affinities, realities, feelings, memories and of course love in its many flavours."
Jenny - 60 year old Founder of Heartforce

"What I love about the Love Finders band in that they are 'real'. They bring themselves from their hearts to their music. The music is awesome, with songs from a variety of decades. Some recent and some truly golden oldies that still stir me to dance the night away."
Lynette - 59 year old Artist, Author, Holistic Counsellor

"I never thought I could enjoy popular music, but the Love Finders has proven that wrong. The way the Love Finders play the music brings me more joy and depth of feeling than I could have imagined or previously experienced through music, regardless of genre."
Faith - 27 year old Classical Pianist and Media Advisor

"The songs that the Love Finders play seem to move me deeply, and the healing begins."
Belle - 65 year old Housewife

"The Love Finders move you like no other band you know. It's captivating and opening. You feel alive and awakened and discover the power of love."
Simon - 51 year old manager

"The Love Finders move me deeply, touch my heart and make me smile. An essential experiential journey!"
Deb - 58 year old Social Worker

"The Love Finders, for me, are a spiritual band... they love music, play from their hearts and move my heart every time. They perform a huge diversity of songs too, so there is something special for everyone!"
Patti - 56 year old Yoga and Meditation Teacher

"The Love Finders bring so much joy and heart to their music. If you ever have the opportunity (and good fortune) to see them live, do it! It's unlike anything I've experienced. They bring such a strong spirit of connection and community that is really touching and inspiring. It sneaks up on you in the loveliest way! You walk away feeling so lucky to have been able to bask in their love of life and music. I highly recommend experiencing it for yourself!"
Charlie Cousins - 39 year old Actor

"Listening to the Love Finders band is a treat! They play music to dance to, sing along to, and feel."
Lee-Anne - 46 year old Childhood Educator

"One of the things I look forward to the most when visiting Perth is a concert with the Love Finders! The band is unique, fun and inspiring. The music is warm, inviting and intoxicating. I love how they take some of my favorite tunes and make them their own, and also introduce me to songs that take me on an unexpected journey. Being with the Love Finders and dancing to their music is always a treat. I highly recommend them."
Arlene - 61 year old Attorney, USA

"You don't just listen to the Love Finders band, you experience it as the music takes on a life of its own journey for the heart and senses. Amazing."
Lorraine - 65 year old Nurse and Bowen Therapist

"Listening to the Love Finders is like walking a journey where I find different 'internal views' in each song. The music helps me to connect to different parts of me - it can bring up sadness, joy, wonder. One moment my heart may feel like it's breaking, the next my toes are wiggling wanting to dance. An evening with the Love Finders always offers a rich journey inside and out."
Jane - 46 year old Massage Therapist and Life Coach

"Love Finder music moves, stirs and uplifts me. Clean, supportive and real."
Lisa - 51 year old Learning and Development Consultant

"The Love Finders band is very unique and very authentic as they bring all of themselves - body, mind and soul - in all of their performances. Listening to their music takes me on a healing journey and assists me to remember my true essence."
Carmen - 53 year old Accountant

"An evening under the stars, wrapped up in warm rugs with my daughters and close friends listening to the Love Finders band... a magical evening - songs from my childhood and newer songs the younger ones could also sing along to! A truly wonderful band, thank you for the beautiful memories!"
Michelle - 41 year old Graphic Designer

"The Love Finders are a really down to earth group, they touch your heart as they take you on a journey."
Nigel - 43 year old Security Officer, Crowd Controller and Meditation Facilitator

"The Love Finder take a tune, infuse it with their own special love, and if you allow the love, the memories touch your heart deeply."
Terrie - 52 year old Dance Instructor

"There's something different about the Love Finders band. They bring an intangible quality of something more than just the music. They are generous with their playing, putting loads of heart and soul into every performance, and I am taken on a journey which moves and uplifts me in ways beyond description. Definitely worth experiencing."
Belinda - 59 year old Founder of Global Coaching Academy

"Experiencing the Love Finders band is a moving experience - and not just the body! Their music goes deep. It touches my heart. Great songs played in a new way. Well worth a listen."
Peta - 56 year old Teacher

"The Love Finders is a very special band - beautiful music. The members of the band are all extraordinary people as well, which makes them truly uplifting to listen to."
Indra - 52 year old Teacher, USA

"The Love Finders take you on a musical journey of discovery. Their eclectic soundscapes and selection of songs makes each concert a unique and moving experience full of love, joy and wonder."
Vesna - 49 year old Social Ecologist

"The Love Finders have a great repertoire of music suitable for all ages. Their music is infused with love and it takes you on a journey. If you are looking for a special band for a wedding, concert or corporate/private function, I would recommend the Love Finders."
Tanya - 47 year old Public Relations and Event Manager

"It is always a joy to be in the presence of the Love Finders band. Their unique, inspiring mix of classics and original dance grooves create a memorable ambience for your next special occasion or corporate function."
Jen - 49 year old Bowen Therapist, Facilitator and Coach